The scope of the conference is to open a discussion on the contribution of scholarly publishing and open access on the enhancement of research visibility, and the conference will be held along the lines of the following sub-themes 

Open Access

• Open Access Vs. Traditional Journals
• Copyrights, Plagiarism and Avoiding Plagiarism
• Changing Landscapes on Open Access
• Publishing in Regional Scholarly Journals
• Creative Commons Licenses

Scholarly Publishing

• The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Publishing
• National Trends in Scholarly Publishing
• Tool on Scholarly Publishing
• Resources on Scholarly Publishing
• Global Trends in Scholarly Publishing

Research Visibility

• Tools for Research Visibility
• University Ranking and Research Visibility
• Digital Commons and Research Visibility
• Collaborative Research Visibility
• Productivity and Visibility in Research
• National Trends in Research Collaboration
• Global Trends in Research Collaboration
• New Trends in Research and Publications
• Data management